Foundation Mental Health Care Centre's mission


Telephone: +3727361500
FAX: +3727361501
Postal address: Staadioni 52, Tartu, 51008
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Head of the board:
Toomas Tein

Indrek Sooniste

Department managers:
Ülle Lepik (tel.+3727361507)
Angelika Armolik (tel.+3727361510 )

Foundation Mental Health Care Centre's mission is to enable people with psychical special needs to maintain or to enhance their coping with everyday life so that they are successful and happy in their self-chosen environment with minimal professional interference.

Our Orientation

Foundation Mental Health Care Centre's target group are people in their working age and elderly people with psychical needs. Foundation's rehabilitation team's main working areas are South and South-East region of Estonia.

Foundation Mental Health Care Centre provides following services:
Rehabilitation service (in the Centre or at client's home)
Accommodation during rehabilitation
Creating a personal rehabilitation plan, also at client's home
Training (readiness assessment for psychosocial rehabilitation, case management, service planning, assigning services to clients, improving services in order to fulfil needs of the clients and/or guarantee their rights)
During the everyday life support service: assessing rehabilitation readiness, helping to maintain and enhance everyday life-skills, family counselling, providing motivating and work-like activities, assessing work-readiness
Care services for elderly people with psychical needs (twenty-four hour care in the Centre, day care and support in the Centre, support at home)

Centre has received much support in developing and improving the quality of the services from
Sopimusvuori ry (Finland)
Psychiatric Service of Malmö University Hospital (Sweden)
Community Residence National Association (Netherlands)
Hamlet Trust (Great Brittan), Visby Hospital (Sweden)
Toronto Mental Health Centre (Canada)
specialist-, clients- and family members organisations in Estonia (EPRA, Independent Life, EGGA, Association of Estonia Alzheimer Disease, Davy, Estonian Association for Suppoters of People with Mental Disorders etc).

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